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Hello! Peace to your hearts! My name is Sr. Elizabeth Beussink and I am the Vocations Coordinator for our community.

I think it only fair that I share with you a little bitseb vocation director page about myself since I get the privilege of hearing so much about so many of you!  I was born and raised in southeast Missouri and, being a respectable Midwesterner, I LOVE beef.  I am the youngest of 3 beef loving children, having an older sister and brother.  I am blessed to have a family that lives in the country (where we eat the cows we see grazing on the other side of the fence!).

Being one who prefers wide open country land to city life, one of my favorite things to do is walk slowly and freely somewhere out in the country where it is still and quiet; taking in the beauty that is unpolluted by cars or roads or buildings or manufactured noises.  I love listening to the symphony of creation that surrounds me.  It turns my heart to the Divine Lover every time!

I like to say that I grew up on the back of a horse.  My family bought our first horse when I was eleven years old.  I grew up riding horses a lot and it quickly became my favorite pastime.  I have had a lifetime of very fun (and sometimes crazy!) adventures on the back of a horse with my family and friends (and still do when I go home)!

Being that I loved horses so much, I had plans of studying Equine Science and beginning a career with horses, but the Lord obviously had other plans for me!  Instead of raising, riding, and training horses, I was given the opportunity to attend Franciscan University of Steubenville.  I felt the Lord’s pull to go to Franciscan and pursue a BA in Catechetics and Theology.  I wanted to learn about my faith and be equipped with Truth so that I could help bring others in to an encounter with the Person and love of Christ.  During those years in school my love for Jesus only grew.  This only solidified my call to the religious life.  And it was at Franciscan University that I met the TOR Sisters…

I have now been in community for several years, having entered in 2007.  I made my Perpetual Profession in July of 2014.  For four of those in-between years, I worked and lived at Franciscan University of Steubenville in Steubenville, OH.  I had a position in the Office of Evangelization on campus and served as Head of Women’s Ministry for the past few years.  I absolutely loved it.  It was such a gift and privilege to work with, minister to, and get to know the women on campus.  Now the Lord has given me the privilege of journeying with women in a whole new capacity as I help them discern the Lord’s call on their heart.  It truly is a humbling experience to be given the opportunity to accompany so many young women on their spiritual journeys.

If you are interested in our community or if you feel the Lord may be calling you to religious life and would like someone to talk to about it, I would love to chat with you.  Please be assured of our prayers for you as you seek His Face and His will for your life.  May you fall deeper in love with Love itself!  And be not afraid! The Lord takes nothing away but gives everything!

“Are we not perhaps all afraid in some way? If we let Christ enter fully into our lives, if we open ourselves totally to him, are we not afraid that He might take something away from us? Are we not perhaps afraid to give up something significant, something unique, something that makes life so beautiful? Do we not then risk ending up diminished and deprived of our freedom? No! If we let Christ into our lives, we lose nothing, nothing, absolutely nothing of what makes life free, beautiful and great.   Only in this friendship are the doors of life opened wide. Only in this friendship is the great potential of human existence truly revealed. Only in this friendship do we experience beauty and liberation. And so, today, with great strength and great conviction, on the basis of long personal experience of life, I say to you, dear young people: Do not be afraid of Christ! He takes nothing away, and he gives you everything. When we give ourselves to him, we receive a hundredfold in return. Yes, open, open wide the doors to Christ – and you will find true life.” – Pope Benedict XVI

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