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Below is a selection of our silent auction items for the 2017 Share His Mercy Benefit Banquet. Note that we will have more items at the banquet, that we will only have a silent auction this year (no live auction), and that online bidding will not be available.

Franciscan Sisters TOR CharismaticLord’s Day and Dinner with the Sisters!

Bring your family to Our Lady of Sorrows Monastery to enjoy praise and worship, Evening Prayer, and a simple ceremony with the sisters to welcome in the Lord’s Day, Sunday, which is the most sacred day of the week. After prayer, your family will share Saturday dinner with the sisters and a short time of recreation. Please choose one of these dates to join the sisters: November 4th, February 10th, and April 21st.

Opening Bid: $50               

Descent from the Cross IconDescent from the Cross Icon 

This incredible hand-made icon was written for our silent auction by Sr. Iliana of Christ the Bridegroom Monastery. The icon was created over a three month period, during which Sr. Iliana fasted and prayed for the recipient. The first layer of paint is a prayer intention, followed by a messy puddle of bluish pigment called chaos. The chaos layer represents how God brings us out of chaos into order. Then the darkest layers are applied, followed by multiple layers of lighter and lighter highlights. This reverse process from dark to light represents how God takes us out of darkness and into his marvelous light. The saints are illuminated by the light of Christ, which emanates from within, rather than artificially through the external light of a lamp. Finally, the lettering is added. Christ will always have a cross within His halo with the Greek letters “ώ Ό Ν” (omega, omicron, nu) within the cross. This stands for “I AM WHO I AM” (Ex 3:14). (The left bar of the cross and letter ώ are hidden in this icon due to the close proximity of Mary’s face). The letters “IC XC” are the abbreviated form of the Greek for Jesus Christ (IHCOYC XPICTOC). The “MP OY” is the abbreviation of the Greek for the Mother of God. 

The icon depicts the lifeless body of Christ being taken down from the cross and held in the arms of His most pure and sorrowful Mother. By His death He has conquered the power of death. “The angelic choirs were filled with wonder when they saw You among the dead, but You turned the power of death into nothing, O Savior, and raised Adam up with You and freed all from the realm of death” (Great & Holy Friday Vespers). Dimensions of 8″ w x 10″ h.

Opening Bid: $500               

Sr. Agnes Therese ConcertPrayer Concert at Your Home or Parish

Have an evening of story and song at your home or parish with Sr. Agnes Thérèse! Why she entered religious life, her experience of religious life, and her gift of song will all be shared. The overall length of the concert is flexible, but generally is about an hour to an hour and a half. Sr. Agnes Thérèse will contact you to schedule the event.

Opening Bid: $100  sr agnes therese davis, francicsan sisters, tor


Book Case Base TOR Sisters 

Book Case Base TOR SistersBookcase Bases with Rubbed Tobacco Finish on Red Oak

These two bookcase bases, being auctioned off separately, come from the hands of Sr. Elizabeth Beussink’s father. He has spent his life making fine wooden pieces in Missouri out of Beussink Brothers Woodworks. Take home this master craftsmanship with dimensions of 33 1/4″ w x 14 1/2″ d x 30″ h.Sr. Elizabeth Beussink, Franciscan Sisters TOR

Opening Bid: $150  each             

Sr. Jean Wooden StandPine Stand

From the hands of Sr. Jean’s brother-in-law comes this gleaming pine stand. Whether it is to showcase a vase or other beloved piece in your home, this pine stand is a fine addition to any space. 11 1/2″ across the flats, and 24 1/4″ above the base.

Opening Bid: $40






Fall Jars Franciscan Sisters TOR“Fall” Jars 

Decorate your home with these fun pieces of the season made by Sr. Elizabeth. These jars have chalk paint which has been sealed (but should still be handled with care). Sr. Elizabeth Beussink, Franciscan Sisters TOR

Opening Bid: $ 20               

Blessed Canvas Sign by SEBBlessed Canvas Sign

Own a piece of the sisters’ beautiful music in a visual delight! Sr. Elizabeth created this lovely “blessed” canvas multimedia piece, which will brighten up your space with its bold typography and subtle notes. Dimensions of 16″ w x 12″ h.Sr. Elizabeth Beussink, Franciscan Sisters TOR

Opening Bid: $20           


Home Sweet Home Franciscan SistersHome Sweet Home

Sweeten up your home with this hand-made piece by Sr. Elizabeth. This piece is close to her heart, including old wood from Sr. Elizabeth’s family barn, treated and donated by her father (piece is not weather proof). Dimensions of 24″ w x 15 1/2″ h.Sr. Elizabeth Beussink, Franciscan Sisters TOR

Opening Bid: $40 


Caroline Minto Our Lady WatercolorOur Lady of the Miraculous Medal

From a dear friend of the community, the talented Caroline Minto, comes this beautiful hand drawn and painted water color of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal. The image of the Miraculous Medal was made known to a 24 year-old novice of the Daughters of Charity in Paris, France. In 1830, a young child woke the young novice (now St. Catherine Labouré) and led her to Mary sitting in a chair. There, St. Catherine sat at the foot of Mary for hours. A little more than four months later, Mary appeared again and revealed the image of the Miraculous Medal, stating that all who wear this image will receive great graces. Painting dimensions are 5″ w x 7″ h. 

Opening Bid: $40

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View more of Caroline’s work on Etsy–click here.

Quilt by Sr. MonicaSr. Monica Quilt 

There’s no better way to warm up on those cool fall nights than this lovingly made afghan by Sr. Monica! Showcased on the left by the sister.

Opening Bid: $100


New Hampshire Night In BasketA Night with New Hampshire 

Donated by Sr. Josephine’s mother, Gloria Chabot, this basket features some of New Hampshire’s finest: a shawl made by Gloria Chabot, wine, maple candies, hand crafted natural soap, and more! sr josephine, franciscan sisters tor

Opening Bid: $100


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