Religiious Articles- handmade with prayera sister making rosaries Franciscan Sisters TORTo provide for our contemplative life we make various religious articles including rosaries, chaplets, and sacrifice beads.  The best gift that comes along with investing in these beautiful rosaries is the guarantee of our prayers! Each rosary is made with love and prayers.  

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handmade wooden bead cord rosaries

Regular five decade wooden bead rosaries available in three sizes and a variety of colors

8mm beads wooden rosary
8mm handmade wooden bead rosariesThese handmade rosaries have 8mm size wooden beads and come in a variety of colors. From left to right: dark mahogany, light brown, blue, light mahogany (no longer available), black, and brown. The crosses and cord color vary. Click on image to the left to enlarge.

6mm wooden bead rosaries

6mm handmade wooden bead rosaries

Click on image to right to enlarge.

Our 6mm handmade wooden bead rosaries come in various colors as well. From left to right: purple, green, blue, mahogany, and brown. The crosses and cord color vary.

5mm bead rosaries

5mm handmade wooden bead rosaries

Click on image to the left to enlarge. These handmade 5mm bead rosaries have a delicate look. They are our smallest size. They come in (from left to right) black, mahogany, fuscia, natural, blue, and mahogany/natural Our Father beads. Crosses and cord color vary.

handmade wrist rosaries- braceletsSingle decade of wooden beads on a cord with slip knot
for adjusting to different size wrists for men and women. (crosses vary)
women's- smaller sizehandmade wrist rosary wooden beads pink green purple

These handmade one decade rosaries fit onto the wrist for easy access to pray anytime. The smaller size, ideal for women, are made with 6mm beads and come in a variety of colors: purple, fuchsia, green (left), mahogany, olive wood (bottom), brown, earth tones, or blue (bottom right). Click on pictures to enlarge.


wrist rosaries mahogany olive wood
wrist rosary brown earth tones blue

men's larger size

These larger sized wrist rosaries made with 8mm wooden beads are ideal for men. They come in dark mahogany, and dark brown (pictured on bottom left from left to right), burnt orange, and light brown (pictured on bottom right). We also offer this rosary in blue. It is not pictured but will be soon. Crosses and cord color vary. Click on pictures to enlarge.

wrist rosaries 8mm turqouise mahogany brown

wrist rosary mens wooden beads


specialty rosaries Rosary of the Seven Sorrows Depicting the Seven Sorrows of Mary

Seven Sorrows of Our Lady
The Rosary of the Seven Sorrows is a rosary consisting of a ring of seven groups of seven beads separated by a small medal depicting one of the sorrows of Mary, or a single bead. A further series of three beads and a medal are also attached (before the first “sorrow”) and these are dedicated to prayer in honor of Mary’s Tears. We make three types of these rosaries: mahogany wooden beads on cord with medals depicting the sorrow, mahogany wooden beads on cord with a large bead indicating the sorrow, and Job’s tears beads on wire with medals depicting the sorrow. Click on each image below to enlarge.

Rosary of the Seven Sorrows, Sorrowful Mother Rosary, with medalsWooden mahogany beads with medals
Rosary of the Seven Sorrows, Sorrowful Mother Rosary, without medalsWooden mahogany beads without medals
jobs tears seven sorrows rosaryJob’s Tears beads with medals on wire

The Franciscan Crown Depicting the Seven Joys of Mary

franciscan crown

The Franciscan Crown rosary tradition began with an apparition of Our Lady to a young Franciscan novice. She asked him to “weave for me a crown from the flowers of your prayers that will always remain fresh” by reciting the seven joys that she experienced during her life. She said to him “If you recite these prayers as I have directed, rest assured, dear son, you will weave for me a most beautiful and acceptable crown and will merit innumerable graces.”

The Franciscan Crown is a rosary of seven decades; seven Our Fathers and 70 Hail Marys. Each decade is for a different joy of our Lady. At the end there are two beads for two Hail Marys to complete the 72 years of her life.

This rosary is available on olive colored cord with 6mm olive wood beads and is accompanied by an insert explaining the tradition of the Franciscan Crown and how to pray it.


the seven joys of Mary


st. therese sacrifice beads

plastic st therese sacrifice beads

As a child, St. Therese was given a string of beads with which to count her sacrifices and other acts of love done for God. In that way she was able to advance in perfection daily by conscious effort to eliminate defects and to acquire virtues. Sacrifice Beads mimic St. Therese’s little string. Simply pull a bead each time you make an act of love or act of sacrifice for love of God! The decade of beads can also be used as a one decade rosary. The beads have a medal of St. Therese on one end and a crucifix on the other. They come with plastic beads or wooden beads. Each one is packaged with a card that explains the Sacrifice Beads (see picture above).

plastic sacrifice beads

The plastic sacrifice beads come in a variety of colors as pictured on the right: from left to right; Black, royal blue, red, brown, and amber. Crosses vary. Pictured above: red plastic sacrifice beads.

Click on images to enlarge.

plastic st. therese sacrifice beads colors

wooden beads

The wooden beads come in: (from left to right below) light brown, blue, turquoise, light mahogany, dark mahogany, and dark brown. Crosses vary. Pictured to the right are dark mahogany and light brown.  Click on images to enlarge.

wooden therese beads colors

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