Monastery Products- fruits of our contemplation

Franciscan sisters TOR Religious articles

To provide for our contemplative life we have a variety of in-house works. In our Religious Articles Department, we handcraft various religious articles, including rosaries, chaplets, and Sacrifice Beads. In our Altar Bread Department, we distribute a variety of altar breads. 


Altar Bread

The most valuable aspect of both of these in-house works is the prayer we offer our patrons. We pray regularly for the priests and families of the parishes of our altar bread patrons, for continual renewal, vocations, and a greater love for the Eucharist. As we make our religious articles we pray for those who will purchase them and those who will use them in prayer.

Seven Sorrows rosary


Please view the respective pages to learn more about these in house works. Thank you for your consideration in supporting the way of life of the Franciscan Sisters, T.O.R.!

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