Pray for Fr. Matt 

Paddling Poor Fr. Matt TOR

Urgent Update on Fr. Matt! 

We are sad to report that Fr. Matt has seriously injured his right leg and shoulder recently and is in need of prayers from all our faithful friends. Unfortunately, Fr. Matt will NOT be able to volunteer at Samaritan House this summer.  He will be needing surgery for the injury which will require a long recovery time. Please join the sisters in prayer as we pray for his speedy recovery. For anything is possible through the power of prayer. Needless to say, he will NOT be volunteering June 19th-22nd in downtown Steubenville at our sisters’ Samaritan House. We encourage you to pray through the intercession of Lucia (of Fatima) for a miracle of healing!

Even though Fr. Matt will not be volunteering in the Samaritan House in June, our Mission House sisters are still in need of your support! Our goal is still to raise  around $14,000 this year, to support the Mission House in downtown Steubenville which serves the poor in the Ohio Valley. We thank all of those who have already invested in the  mission of the sisters. As of right now, we are past the halfway mark! Please pray for a miracle for Fr. Matt and consider making an investment in the sister’s work so we can continue to serve among the poor.

Thank you for your support, for your prayers, and for enabling us to serve the poor.


Service for the Poor Franciscan


Samaritan House

This past year, the Samaritan House helped 60 families along with 60 individuals a month with clothing, and assisted 120 people a month with food–about 1,440 annual food and clothing assists in a city of around 18,000.

Besides seeing to physical needs, the sisters at Samaritan House attend to the needs of the spirit.

They offer a Bible study every day; RCIA class, praise and worship, and the Rosary once a week; the Divine Mercy Chaplet every day at 3:00 p.m.; and Bible, Prayer and Share by Sr. Katherine once a week (which includes the 12 Steps and open group praying with scriptures that deepen our relationships with God and bring healing).

The primary objective in this ministry is loving people:

“We say that Samaritan House the thrift store is just a front to get people in the door so that we can love them and show them what a good relationship with each other is and what a good relationship with the Lord is.” ~Sr. Rita Clare

Samaritan House is a place where we can serve the human and spiritual needs of our brothers and sisters. The sisters who staff that service, though, need your help.

Help Service for the Poor

Our sisters are privileged to serve among the poor, but have little monetary means for this ministry, having taken a vow of poverty themselves. And with five hours a day or more spent in prayer, our sisters cannot bring in a full-time income.

Please help to support these sisters working for the poor. Please donate.

What can you do?

If you would like to volunteer, call Samaritan House at 740-282-0563! 

Please help us meet our goal of $14,000, so our sisters can continue to give their lives in service among the poor.

Thank you for your support, for your prayers, and for enabling us to serve the poor. 


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