Talks by Sisters

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Franciscan Sisters TOR Bible StudySr. Agnes Thérèse Davis, T.O.R. works through 1 Peter, a book addressed to Christians who find themselves antagonized by the culture in which they live (does that sound familiar?!?).

Sr. Agnes Thérèse, T.O.R. - Bible Study Part One Sr. Agnes Thérèse, T.O.R. - Bible Study Part Three


Catholic Women for Christ TORSr. Elizabeth Beussink, T.O.R. at the 2016 Catholic Women for Christ Conference held in St. Louis, MO shares her testimony while highlighting the universal identity and vocation for every woman to be a receptive bride and mother!

Sr. Elizabeth Beussink, T.O.R. - Bride and Mother

Franciscan Sisters TOR Charismatic EucharistSr. Sophia Grace Huschka, T.O.R.
challenges us to enter deeply into Eucharistic Adoration. This talk was originally given to St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Wichita, Kansas. She shares how in the world, we are bombarded with noise, business, instant gratification, and constant stimulation. Yet in these distractions God is still calling out to us, “Where are you?  I desire to spend time with you!”  How does Eucharistic Adoration counter the chaos around us allow us to hear God’s voice and enter into a deep, personal, and intimate relationship with Him? Listen to find out!

Sr. Sofia Grace Huschka, T.O.R. - Adoration: Come Let Us Adore Him


Sr.Thérèse Marie Iglesias, T.O.R.

Sr. Thérèse Marie Iglesias, T.O.R in this four part series speaks to women about intimacy in prayer from a feminine perspective.  This series was originally given to Franciscan University students but it is a blessing for all ages. She shares vulnerably about how God has worked intimately in her own life and focuses on  four qualities of the heart that she has found make this intimacy happen.  They are desire, presence, nakedness (vulnerability), and sacrifice.  The Lord has already given Himself completely in all four of these areas.  What is our response? How much have we given to Him?

Sr. Thérèse Marie Iglesias, T.O.R. - Intimacy with Christ Part 1, Desire Sr. Thérèse Marie Iglesias, T.O.R. - Intimacy with Christ Part 2, Presence  - Song Sr. Thérèse Marie Iglesias, T.O.R. - Intimacy with Christ Part 3, Nakedness Sr. Thérèse Marie Iglesias, T.O.R. - Intimacy with Christ Part 4, Sacrifice


Sr. Eliana

Sr. Eliana Day, T.O.R. speaks to over 500 women at Franciscan University at an event for women students entitled “BeLoved”.  She shares five practical steps on how to be untangled by truth (or replace lies with truth)- Realize, Reject, Renounce, Replace, and Rejoice.

Sr. Eliana Day, T.O.R. - Untangled by Truth


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