Lenten Retreat Franciscan Sisters TOR

Sr. Mary Ann Kessler, Franciscan Sisters, TORSaturday: March 19, 2016
“Empowered by the Father’s Mercy” – Mother Mary Ann Kessler, T.O.R.
Mother Mary Ann reflects on how St. Joseph was empowered by God, the Father’s mercy to live out three particular attributes—humility, obedience, and virginity; and how each of us are also called and empowered by the Father’s mercy to live these virtues in our own lives.

Mother Mary Ann Kessler, T.O.R., Empowered by the Father's Mercy


Fr. Tom Franciscan Sisters T.O.R.Saturday: March 19, 2016
“Spiritual Fatherhood” – Reverend Thomas A. Sparacino, MDiv 
Father Tom shares his experience of several kinds of fatherhood during a recent youth event in Pittsburgh: how we all “have the best job” and a responsibility to do that job well by living God’s merciful love.

Reverend Thomas A. Sparacino, MDiv, Spiritual Fatherhood


Sister Miriam Franciscan Sisters TORSaturday: March 19, 2016
“The Transformative Power of Receiving the Mercy of God” Sister Miriam O’Callaghan, T.O.R. 
Sr. Miriam talks about the real life struggles that the Saints had, especially in the areas of food, anger and gossip and how they, like us, needed to receive the mercy of God. She also shares some personal stories about her own areas of struggle and about the last days of her Dad’s illness last year. She encourages us to let the mercy of God flow into even the very darkest, grimiest areas of struggle that we have and not to be afraid to be transformed by Mercy as a result.

Sister Miriam O'Callaghan, T.O.R., The Transformative Power of Receiving the Mercy of God


Lenten Retreat 2015
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Sr. Sophia Grace Huschka, Franciscan Sisters TORSaturday: March 21, 2015
“Joyful Surrender” – Sister Sophia Grace Huschka, T.O.R.
Surrendering to God can be difficult, but can it be joyful?  Through encountering Christ, and through Him the Father, we come to know that God wants the best for us. As we grow in relationship with Him, we grow in trust as well.  Then we more readily hand over our “dime store pearls” and take a “leap of faith”.

Sister Sophia Grace Huschka, T.O.R., Joyful Surrender

Sr. Mary Gemma webSaturday: March 21, 2015
“Testimony” – Sister Mary Gemma Harris, T.O.R.
Sr. Mary Gemma shares about a personal test of faith in her own life that led her to greater surrender to the Lord. She learned that the cross is not something to fear, but a gift.


Sr. Carrie Anne McKeown, Franciscan Sisters TORSaturday: March 21, 2015
“Suffering as a Means of Intimacy with Christ”
– Sister Carrie Ann McKeown, T.O.R.
We all have our crosses to bear and all of us desire to grow in our relationship with Christ but we don’t always think of how suffering can draw us into intimacy with Christ. How can we practically embrace our sufferings in a way that will draw us into a closer union with Christ Crucified for the redemption of the world?

Sister Carrie Ann McKeown, T.O.R., Suffering as a means of intimacy with Christ

Sr. Grace Anne Wills, Franciscan Sisters TORSaturday: March 21, 2015
“Testimony” – Sister Grace Anne Wills, T.O.R.
Sr. Grace Anne gives her testimony of a life spent in three vocations: marriage, widowhood and religious life. She shares the joy of surrendering to the Lord’s will in all circumstances and of knowing that the Resurrection always follows the cross. 

Sister Grace Anne Wills, T.O.R., Testimony (There is a short silent delay at the beginning of this track)

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Super Lent
Sunday: March 9, 2014
“The Holy Spirit: Our Coach for Lent”
An inspiring talk by Danny Abramowicz, a former NFL player, and our very own Sr. Rita Clare.  Sharing Scripture and personal stories, Danny challenged us to be open to the Holy Spirit.   With great passion he shared his own story of how the Holy Spirit has changed his own life. He encouraged us to let the Holy Spirit be our coach during Lent and to go deeper in our relationship with Christ. Sr. Rita Clare shared her vocation testimony and how following the Lord is a journey far more exalted than being on a professional winning team. We are on the winning team and it is a much more spectacular victory than any football game!

Danny Abramowitcz, Super Lent Sunday Sr. Rita Clare Yoches, TOR Vocation Testimony, Super Lent Sunday


Father Joe FreedyAnnual Day of Recollection: October 20, 2012
Freedom in Christ
Fr. Joe Freedy, Vocations Director Diocese of Pittsburgh
What prevents us from being fully alive in Christ? Sin―and its root, fear. In a society gripped by fear and worry, we forget who we truly are and the goodness of our existence. We must surrender our lives into the Father’s hands to discover again the freedom of the children of God.

This talk was life changing for many who attended. May it also transform your own life and allow you to claim as your own your identity as a beloved child of God.

Father Joe Freedy, Freedom in Christ

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