Franciscan Sisters TOR Giving Tuesday

#GivingTuesday 2017 Franciscan Sisters

Help us keep running!

When you think of nuns, you probably don’t think of ‘athletes.’ We do a lot of praying. We do a lot of campus ministry. We do a lot of work for our poorer brothers and sisters.

Giving Tuesday 2017 Franciscan Sisters

But we also do a lot of time on the treadmill!

Whether it’s Sr. Anna Rose running her weekly miles, or Sr. Carrie Ann walking as she meditates on the Magnificat, our sisters work out at least three times a week. It’s part of our routine.  On any given day, you’re likely to see us out walking as we say the rosary, or, if it is raining, weaving our way indoors through the decades. Counting our entire convent of more than 20 sisters, that’s over 3500 miles in one year! That’s like our sisters running from our Motherhouse in Ohio to our house at Florida State University four times!

And if you think our weather on a hill above the Ohio River is always sunny…it’s not. It’s more often a wet sneeze from Mother Nature than a warm smile. We need an indoor option.

The treadmills we have right now are too rundown to run on. We bought those hardworking machines over 10 years ago. They have been repaired to the point that they cannot be repaired again—one of them is literally burning rubber—so we can no longer burn any calories on them.

Then again, why do sisters need to exercise so much? 

Well, physical fitness is really important not only for our physical well-being, but also for our spiritual health. We join our exercise with rosaries, spontaneous prayer, or spiritual reading, so our time on the treadmill truly is “total body prayer.” 

Help us stay physically and spiritually fit. Help us put our old treadmills out to pasture.

Help us get two new industrial treadmills this Giving Tuesday 2017, November 28th.

We’ll honor those who donate in a special way through a Holy Hour just for you and your intentions on Saturday, December 9th. During that Holy Hour, we will recite the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet, offering up all of your needs to the Lord.

Any gift you can give is greatly appreciated! Donate at


Franciscan Sisters TOR Giving Tuesday


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