Ways to Give- and you shall receive

Thank you for considering how to help us to make a difference in people’s lives. By supporting us, you support the spiritual and corporal works of mercy we offer, including penance, prayer, intercession, and ministries of evangelization among the poor, the sick, and those in need of renewal of faith.  Our benefactors are remembered in a special way in our prayers and Masses.

Please click the arrows below to see how you might participate in the following forms of giving.
  1. Cash, check, or credit card: 
    Online credit card and check donations are made simple with an option for automatic bank withdrawals, on our Donate Online webpage, or click here to download the printable form to mail with your check or credit card donation.  Please make checks payable to Franciscan Sisters, T.O.R.
  2. Monthly Donors and Pledges: 
    Consider becoming a “Faithful Friend” monthly donor or making a pledge donation, in which you can specify an amount to be given over a 12 month period, for one to five years.  Click Donate Online in the right sidebar to process you recurring donation by credit card. Click here to download and complete the automatic funds transfer form if you prefer to make your donation through your checking account.
  3. Stocks, Bonds or Securities: 
     Donors may receive charitable tax deductions by gifts such as appreciated securities.  Please click here to complete and mail or fax (740)-544-5543 a ‘Letter of Intent’ which includes your name, address, and phone number.  We’ll provide you with necessary tax documentation and information to provide to your broker in order to transfer the securities.  Click here if you would like a Sister to contact you about these options, or any options below.
  4. Planned Giving:   
    Wills, trusts, estates, and insurance policies are a ‘win-win’ opportunity for you to provide future support for the Franciscan Sisters, T.O.R. and to provide yourself with short and long-term tax benefits. By making a bequest in your will, you may assign any amount to the Franciscan Sisters, T.O.R. free of estate tax, designating an estate percentage, in a dollar amount, with or without restrictions.  Please consult with your financial adviser, accountant, or attorney for options regarding wills, trusts, insurance policies or estate planning.
  5. Donations in Kind:   
    Large or small items such as cars, appliances, food, equipment, household supplies, etc., are all appreciated and welcomed donation items.
  6. Matching Gifts:  
     Many corporations and businesses will match the charitable gift made by their employees to a non-profit organization.  Check with your employer to see if they offer a matching gifts program, and if so, fill out their form and send it to us signed with your gift.
  7. Memorials and Honorariums Gifts:  
     Money or items can be donated in memory or in honor of someone.  Please include the name of the deceased or the person you are honoring and give the name and address of the person whom we should notify regarding your gift(See ‘Donate Online’ page.) 
*Click here if you would like a Mission Advancement staff member to contact you about any of the options listed above.

Join Us, Franciscan Sisters TOR

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