Prayers and Benefits for our Benefactors

All our friends and benefactors, all who do us good in any way, are remembered daily in our Masses, prayer intentions, sacrifices, and daily prayers.  We commend to the Lord’s care all our supporters, keeping them in our hearts, full of gratitude to God for the generous support, love, encouragement, and assistance we receive in spiritual and material ways from our friends and benefactors.

Remembrance at Masses

The intentions of our benefactors are remembered at Masses throughout the year, and in a special way at an annual Mass offered for the intentions of all our Benefactors.

 Weekly Holy Hours

Each Tuesday, our Eucharistic Holy Hours are offered specifically for the prayer intentions requested by our benefactors.  Each one’s name and intention is remembered in a special way at the Holy Hours designated for our friends and benefactors.

Daily Adoration, Prayers, and Intercessions

Every morning and evening, during Eucharistic Adoration and during the general intercessions at the Liturgy of the Hours, we pray for the specific intentions of our friends, benefactors, and all who have asked for our prayers.  In a special way we intercede for the needs of the Church, the world, and our friends and benefactors during our twice-weekly noon prayer of praise, intercession, and the Rosary, through which we commend to our Blessed Mother’s care all the needs and intentions brought to us.

Benefits Received

  • Annual Mass offered for the intentions of all our Benefactors
  • Community Newsletters
  • Regular updates on our life and mission via email or other communications
  • Spiritual benefits and satisfaction received from promoting the growth of religious life and sharing in an important mission to touch the lives of the poor, the sick, and those in need of spiritual renewal

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