Partners in Mission- making known His merciful loveWe are profoundly grateful for all of our Partners in Mission. All of the volunteers, staff, spiritual and financial supporters who share in our mission enable us to make a difference in the lives of the poor, the sick, and those in need of spiritual renewal.  Please consider becoming a Partner in Mission in the following ways:

Please click on one of the following to see more information:

Spiritual Enrichment Partners 

  • The Sisters offer periodic outreach ministry for parish programs, school programs, conferences, or special group gatherings.  If you would like to invite the sisters for a ministry in your area, please call the monastery for a ministry request form.

Volunteer Service Partners 

  • Volunteers are invited to work alongside the Sisters at The Samaritan House Thrift Store in downtown Steubenville, Ohio.  Click here to request volunteer information.
  • Host the Sisters at your Parish or special group gathering for a talk or other ministry. Please call the monastery for a ministry request form.
  • Volunteer at the Franciscan Sisters’ Motherhouse in Toronto, Ohio by serving in the areas of grounds, maintenance, electrical, clerical, sewing, cooking, housekeeping, making religious articles, or by being a volunteer helper for special events (days of reflection, Open House, etc.)  Click here to request volunteer information.

Prayer Partners 

  • Join the Sisters for daily Mass (Monday-Saturday), Eucharistic Adoration, or for Morning and Evening Prayer from the Liturgy of the Hours.  Click here for our daily Mass and prayer schedule.
  • Send or call in your prayer or Mass intentions.  Click here to send us your requests.
  • Make a commitment to pray regularly for the Sisters’ mission ‘To Make Known God’s Merciful Love.’

Financial Partners 

Financial partnership for our mission of prayer and works of mercy is greatly valued and needed.  Our life and mission is made possible by your assistance through regular donations and pledges, gifts in kind, grants, bonds, wills, etc. (Click here to see ‘Ways of Giving’).  Your contributions assist us in the following areas of service:

  • A New Sister in Training – A new sister in training learns to become a bearer of Christ’s mercy, hope, and love to the world.  This year have 21 sisters in initial formation, which requires 3 sisters serving as full-time directors of formation.  Each year we have new applicants, and so we anticipate continued growth in membership.
  • A Sister at the Motherhouse – A sister at the Motherhouse contributes to the overall mission and running of the community by serving in the areas of administration, mission advancement, vocations, formation, finance,  making religious articles, or domestic duties.  Because of our commitment to prayer and community life, our work is part-time, and our salaries only supplement our annual expenses.  We must rely on donations to cover over half of our annual operating expenses.  Donations provide for approximately 70% of our income.
  • A Sister at a Mission House – A sister serving at a Mission House, such as Heart of Mary House of Prayer and Service in downtown Steubenville, Ohio, lives and works among the poor.  We hope to continue to develop and expand this important ministry which is significantly underfunded.  Santa Chiara and Greccio Mission Houses provide campus ministry to university students.  Sisters are helping to form the future leaders of our Church in Gospel values so that their future lives of work and ministry can bear greater witness to Christ.

Our hearts are filled with gratitude for all of our Partners in MissionWe pray in a special way each Tuesday for our many friends and supporters.


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