Our Work- to humbly serveAs poor people in solidarity with the poor throughout the world, we “embrace the common law of work as a means of providing for our basic needs, to serve the common good, and to share with others in need” (Constitutions 93). 

Catherine de Hueck Doherty on work.

Work is a means of serving our sisters and supporting ourselves financially. Even more importantly, the simple work we do powerfully unites us to Christ, the poor man of Nazareth, and Mary, who served the Holy Family through her service in cleaning, cooking, and laundering.

Our work includes maintenance, administration, cleaning, religious articles, mission advancement, cooking, finance, and laundry. Whatever we do, we strive to be “joyful, good-humored, and happy in the Lord” (T.O.R. Rule 20). Many of these works are very conducive to prayer and enable us to develop our “contemplative ear,” being attentive to the voice of the Holy Spirit throughout the day. In any work we do, we strive to be certain that it does not “extinguish the spirit of holy prayer and devotion” and that we do not become possessive of it. Work is always only a means (though a beautiful means) to be drawn closer and be more conformed to Christ.

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