Sr. Sophia Grace

Sr. Sophia Grace Huschka, Franciscan Sisters TORHello Friends! My name is Sr. Sophia Grace and I was born and raised in Wichita, KS.  Like many of us, growing up I always thought I was going to get married and have lots of kids.  I was going to have a good Catholic family.  Then one day at Mass God put something else on my heart.  He said, “ Kim, maybe you’re not called to marriage.”  WHAT!?! I was in shock!  I never saw myself as a religious sister.  At that same Mass we sang the song “Holiness” and the words, “Take my heart and form it; take my mind, transform it;  take my will,  conform it to Yours, to Yours, O Lord,” really struck me.  So I told the Lord he was going to have to do just that.  He was going to have to transform my mind, will, and heart because I did not have the desire to be a religious sister.  The desire on my heart was to be a good Catholic wife and mom.

But over the following months He did transform my mind, will, and heart.  Through different experiences, conversations, and, most importantly, prayer in front of the Blessed Sacrament, He revealed to me the true desires of my heart.  He showed me that when I was comparing all of the guys I dated to the “Ideal”, I was comparing them to Him.  And He showed me I already had many, many children in the people I served.  They are my spiritual children.  But most importantly He showed me his heart and I fell in love!

When I first started looking at religious orders, I was completely overwhelmed because there were so many options.  So one day in prayer I told God he was going to have to show me my community if I was really to join religious life because I did not even know where to start.  Then,  through a variety of events, I realized the charismatic spirituality continued to present itself.  When I searched for charismatic religious communities on the internet there were only four.  Thank you, Lord, for narrowing down the choices!

I clicked on the T.O.R. website and found instant peace from my head to my toes.  As I continued to navigate through their page I realized this was who I was!  I LOVED everything they were about; it all just seemed to click.

I loved that they are active/contemplative because I was already living a form of that in my life.  I find my strength in the Eucharist and Eucharistic Adoration and I feel a desire to share His love with others!  I loved their image of being with Mary at the foot of the cross because through suffering we truly learn how to love.  But also our Lord’s graces and mercy always pour over me from his pierced heart.  I loved the joy and smiles on their faces.  They jumped out of the screen at me!  They love Jesus and you can tell it just by looking at them.  I loved the variety of their ministry and how they reach out to all.  I loved their white veils that image being a bride of Christ.  And the list goes on and on.

After a few visits to Ohio, I realized that this truly is where God is calling me to strive to become holy, to be formed more and more into Him everyday.  This is now my home and everything I loved about the T.O.R.s’ way of life is now what I love about my way of life!

Perfect Joy!Sr. Sophia Grace Huschka, TOR



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