Meet the Sisters

Mother Mary ASr. Mary Ann Kessler, Franciscan Sisters, TORnn Kessler, T.O.R.
Hometown: Grampian, Pennsylvania
Entered Community: 1989
Feast Day: August 22, Queenship of Mary
Fun Fact: I gave the address at my High School Graduation.
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Sr. Mary Rose Bratlien webSr. Mary Rose Bratlien, T.O.R.
Hometown: San Diego, California
Entered Community: 1989
Feast Day: September 4, St. Rose of Viterbo
Fun Fact: I have a passion for music! I play guitar and write music for God’s glory.
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Sr. Monica Spates, Franciscan Sisters, T.O.R.
Sr. Monica Spates, T.O.R.
Hometown: Benson, Minnesota
Entered Community: 1991
Feast Day: August 27, St. Monica
Fun Fact: I was a missionary in Venezuela before I entered the community.
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Sr. Mary Catherine, Franciscan Sisters TORSr. Mary Catherine Kasuboski, T.O.R.
Hometown: Sturgis, Michigan
Entered Community: 1995
Feast Day: December 12, Our Lady of Guadalupe
Fun Fact: I grew up dancing ballet, tap, flamenco style Spanish dance, and baton twirling.  It was a lot more fun than Girl Scouts for me! Click here to read my vocation story.


Sr. Grace Anne Wills, Franciscan Sisters TOR
Sr. Grace Anne Wills, T.O.R.

Hometown: Annapolis, Maryland
Entered Community: 1997
Feast Day: May 31, The Visitation
Fun Fact: I love God’s creation, especially the morning star, sunrise, mountains, hummingbirds, sunsets and the constellation Orion. Click here to read my vocation story.


Sr. Therese Marie Iglesias
Sr. Thérèse Marie Iglesias, T.O.R.
Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida
Entered Community: 1998
Feast Day: October 1, St. Thérèse of Lisieux
Fun Fact: I never had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich until I entered community!
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Sr. Joan Paule web2
Sr. Joan Paule Portenlanger, T.O.R.

Hometown: Steubenville, OH
Entered Community: 1999
Feast Day: October 22, St. John Paul II the Great
Fun Fact: I moved 13 times BEFORE entering the convent and the count has continued to increase since.
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Sr. Carrie Anne McKeown, Franciscan Sisters TOR
Sr. Carrie Ann McKeown, T.O.R.

Hometown: Lynchburg, Virginia
Entered Community: 2002
Feast Day: October 7, Our Lady of the Rosary
Fun Fact: I am a brown belt in American freestyle Karate.
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Sr. Eliana Day, Franciscan Sisters TOR
Sr. Eliana Day,T.O.R.

Hometown: Gardners, Pennsylvania
Entered Community: 2004
Feast Day: July 20, Holy Prophet Elijah
Fun Fact: I converted to Catholicism when I was 21. Click here to read my vocation story.



Sr. Veronica Hanson, Franciscan Sisters TOR
Sr. Veronica Hanson, T.O.R.

Hometown: Panama City, Florida
Entered Community: 2006
Feast Day: July 12, St. Veronica
Fun Fact: I have caught a catfish and a hummingbird with my bare hands.
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Sr. Sophia Grace Huschka, Franciscan Sisters TOR
Sr. Sophia Grace Huschka, T.O.R.
Hometown: Wichita, Kansas
Entered Community: 2007
Feast Day: September 30, St. Sophia
Fun Fact: I worked as a meteorologist before I entered religious life.
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Sr. Sarah Rose webSr. Sarah Rose Dent, T.O.R.
Flint, Michigan
Entered Community: 
Feast Day: October 7, Our Lady of the Rosary
Fun Fact:  I worked as a special education teacher on a Navajo Reservation in Arizona before entering and my birthday is on the feast day of St. Francis, so I think I was meant to be a Franciscan from birth!
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Sr. Rita Clare Yoches webSr. Rita Clare Yoches, T.O.R.
Hometown: Dearborn, Michigan
Entered Community: 2009
Feast Day: May 22, St. Rita of Cascia
Fun Fact: One time I was stranded in London by myself because I failed to notice that my passport expired while I was there!
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Sr. Anna Rose web
Sr. Anna Rose Ciarrone

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
Entered Community: 2011
Feast Day: February 2nd, the Feast of the Presentation
Fun Fact: When I was a student, I set off the fire alarm at Franciscan University when trying to straighten my hair… it is VERY CURLY!
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Sr. Mary Gemma webSr. Mary Gemma Harris
Hometown: Eltopia, Washington
Entered Community: 2011
Feast Day: April 11th, St. Gemma Galgani
Fun Fact: I went on pilgrimage to Rome, Assisi and Medjugorje the year our community was founded – in utero!
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Sr. Maria Grace web

Sr. Maria Grace Jameson, novice
Hometown: Hagerstown, MD
Entered community: 2012
Feast Day: February 11th: Our Lady of Lourdes
Fun Fact: I have traveled to every continent except Antarctica
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Sarah Kilonsky web

Sarah Kilonsky, postulant
Steubenville, OH
Entered Community:
Fun Fact:
 I first visited our community when I was 11 years old. I have felt called here ever since!
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Judy Dehitta web


Judy Dehitta, postulant
Hometown: Ellicott City, MD
Entered Community: 2013
Fun Fact: My sister and I share the same birthday, one year apart. She was the first birthday present I received and the best birthday present I have ever received!
Testimony coming soon!


Holly Smith web


Holly Smith, candidate
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Entered Community: 2014
Fun Fact: I have visited the pyramids of Giza and took a boat ride on the Nile River


sarah riffon 2014web


Sarah Riffon, candidate
Hometown: Morgantown, WV
Entered Community: 2014
Fun Fact: When I was on a mission trip in Brazil, I visited the room where Pope Benedict stayed in when he visited San Paulo, Brazil.


Mother Katherine Cladwell, Franciscan Sisters, TOR

Sister Katherine Caldwell, T.O.R.
Hometown: Santa Clara, California
Entered Community: 1988
Feast Day: April 29, St. Catherine of Siena
Fun Fact: I love playing wallyball with my sisters!
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Sr. Jean Daugherty web

Sr. Jean Daugherty, T.O.R.
Hometown: Lancaster, Ohio
Entered Community: Religious Life 1959, Franciscan Sisters, T.O.R. 1991
Feast Day: December 27, St. John the Evangelist
Fun Fact: I am a twin. I was born five minutes before my sister Joan, so I claim to be the oldest in a family of 10 children.
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Sr. Faustina Sinnott, Franciscan Sisters, TOR

Sr. Faustina Sinnott, T.O.R.

Hometown:  Enfield, Connecticut
Entered Community: 1991
Feast Day:  October 5, St. Faustina
Fun Fact: I would love to live in a mission house in Ireland!
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Sr. Della Marie Doyle, Franciscan Sisters, TOR
Sr. Della Marie Doyle, T.O.R.

Hometown: Seaside, Oregon
Entered Community: 1995
Feast Day: June 27, Our Lady of Perpetual Help
Fun Fact: I am one of 12 children.
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Sr. Catherine Lynn Forsythe. Franciscan Sisters TOR
Sr. Catherine Lynn Forsythe, T.O.R.
Hometown: Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
Entered Community: 1997
Feast Day: April 29, St. Catherine of Siena
Fun Fact: At one time I enjoyed clowning around, literally. I was a volunteer clown for Christian events bringing the joy of Christ to others.
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Sr. Jean Marie Ledsome, Franciscan Sisters TOR
Sr. Jean Marie Ledsome, T.O.R.

Hometown: Rochester, New York
Entered Community: 1998
Feast Day: May 13, Our Lady of Fatima
Fun Fact: I have been questioned by the FBI twice!
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Sr. Maria Pio Wiggins TOR
Sr. Maria Pio Wiggins, T.O.R.

Hometown: Charleston, South Carolina
Entered Community: 2000
Feast Day: September 23, St. Pio
Fun Fact: I auditioned to be the Baltimore Oriole mascot – but that didn’t fly; God had other plans!
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Sr. Maria Teresa Tortorice, Franciscan Sisters TOR

Sr. Maria Teresa Tortorice, T.O.R.

Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama
Entered Community: 2003
Feast Day: September 5, Bl. Teresa of Calcutta
Fun Fact: I like to do wood carving.
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Sr. Mary Markita Kratochvil, Franciscan Sisters TORSr. Mary Markita Kratochvil, T.O.R.
Hometown: Ulysses, Nebraska
Entered Community: 2004
Feast Day: May 16, St. Margaret of Cortona
Fun Fact: I was captain of my cheerleading squad in High School.
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Sr. Miriam WebSr. Miriam O’Callaghan, T.O.R.
Hometown: Dublin, Ireland
Entered Community: 2007
Feast Day: August 17, Our Lady of Knock
Fun Fact:One Sunday in 2010 while on a 6-week liquid diet after major jaw surgery in Ireland, I blended steak mixed with potatoes, vegetables, fried onions and LOTS of gravy and drank my “steak ‘n’ shake” through a straw!
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Sr. Elizabeth Beussink,  Franciscan Sisters TOR

Sr. Elizabeth Beussink, T.O.R.

Hometown: Jackson, Missouri
Entered Community: 2007
Feast Day: May 31, The Visitation
Fun Fact: I grew up riding horses with the ambition of working with a Therapeutic Horsemanship program.
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Sr. Maria Clare Smith web
Sr. Maria Clare Smith, T.O.R.

Hometown: Westfield, Indiana
Entered Community: 2008
Feast Day: May 8, Our Lady, Mediatrix of all Grace
Fun Fact: I am a roller coaster enthusiast!
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Sr. Agnes Therese Davis, Franciscan Sisters TORSr. Agnes Thérèse Davis, T.O.R.
Hometown: Keene, New Hampshire
Entered Community: 2010
Feast Day: March 2, St.Agnes of Prague
Fun Fact: I majored in philosophy in college and enjoy giving impromptu lessons to my sisters at meals and recreation.
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Sr. Teresa web
Sr. Teresa Reyes
Hometown: Passaic, New Jersey
Entered Community: 2011
Feast Day: October 1, St. Teresa of the Infant Jesus
Fun Fact: After college graduation I spent two weeks in Tanzania before beginning a two-year internship with the Catholic Student Union at Florida State University.
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Sr. Isabelle Marie
Sr. Isabelle Marie Pelzel, novice

Hometown: Pilot Point, TX
Entered Community: 2012
Feast Day: November 17th, St. Elizabeth of Hungary
Fun Fact: I won the grand championship for my cinnamon rolls at our county fair. They sold for $800.00. That would be $32.00 a roll!
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ViVictoria Clarizioctoria Clarizio
Hometown: Wethersfield, CT
Entered Community: 2013
Fun Fact: I have traveled to Tanzania, Guatemala, and Honduras for mission trips.
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Sarah Pratt web
Sarah Pratt, postulant
Hometown: Erie, PA
Entered Community: 2013
Fun Fact: I participated in the Scripps National Spelling Bee when I was in eighth grade.
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mary belz 2014


Mary Belz, candidate
Hometown: Cleveland, OH
Entered Community: 2014
Fun Fact: On my first trip out west I was stung by a scorpion!



Elise Chabot web


Elise Chabot, candidate
Hometown: Rollinsford, NH
Entered Community: 2014
Fun Fact: I’m the only TOR Sister who isn’t a “sister” in the biological sense. I’m the only “only child” in the community!



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