Celebrating 25 Years of Making Known God's Merciful Love 1988-2013
prayer with gold frame

What began as a small group of women in a dorm at Franciscan University has now become a thriving Franciscan religious community with a beautiful new motherhouse (completed in 2010) and three mission houses. Words fall short in describing the gratitude in our hearts for our Lord’s faithfulness and goodness to us over these past 25 years. Through the peaks and valleys, God has always been faithful in leading us and lifting us up, thus enabling us to grow and flourish. We know that founding a religious community is not possible by human strength alone,

our first motherhouse

our first motherhouse, in Steubenville, OH 1990-1995

it is truly miraculous. We, the Franciscan Sisters, T.O.R. have a humble and firm conviction that we exist as a miracle of God’s grace and goodness, and for this,we give God constant thanks and praise! With all our hearts we also thank you who have cooperated with God’s grace in allowing this miracle to take place through your prayers and support. We invite you to celebrate this miracle with us in this 25th year of our founding.

Future Hopes

Monastery 1995

We moved to Toronto, OH in 1995 where we built the first section of our motherhouse.

It is our hope to continue to grow in membership, adding new Sisters, furthering our witness to the joy of living a communal, consecrated and vowed life dedicated to God and for the salvation of the world. In the future we hope to expand our current ministry among the poor of downtown Steubenville in Ohio, increasing the services available to help those caught in the cycle of poverty. We are committed to continue our current ministry to the sick (visiting the elderly in nursing homes, and the sick in the hospitals) as well as bringing the good news of the Gospel to the unevangelized by preaching, giving testimony and proclaiming Christ our Savior to all we meet, and being catalysts for renewal in the Catholic faith through parish missions, school and vocation programs, retreats, and more. Our goal and desire is to open more mission houses, extending our mission geographically. We have already been asked to open mission houses on secular campuses where Sisters can impact young adults through campus ministry programs.

We also hope to soon begin living the third setting in the vision of our way of life- the hermitage setting. We have not yet fully established this setting as a living assignment and it is our hope that we can have sisters dedicated for a period of time to a life more focused on prayer and intercession. You can read more about this setting at the end of our residences page.

motherhouse 2010

our new expanded motherhouse built in 2010


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